Our name, Mástészta comes from a hungarian expression, which means: a totally different thing. In our language we often use this expression when we would like to emphasize, that something is unlike, you hardly could find anything similar. In our case it is also a short wordplay, because the word by word translation is: ~ another type of dough.


Mástészta is a group of two Hungarian product- and pastry designers, with focus on food as a special field of interest. We love to research and analyze the connection between food and design, creating and redesigning food products, edible installations, preparing unusual catering. In our interpretation the Fooddesign refers not only to the meals we eat, also to its consumptional habits, its environment, the used objects and utensils. The aspects we examine are the visual, functional, cultural, communicaltional and emotional aspects. During our projects we usually concentrate on one main concept or symbol, use analogies, and try to communicate on an abstract way.

It is a quite exciting game for us to rive different ingredients and meals away from the traditional environment and to put them into a new context.